Prof. Kwang-Woong Lee

Professor of Surgery, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea.

Prof. Lee graduated from Seoul National University. He has been with Samsung Medical Center and National Cancer Center, Korea as a hepatic and transplant surgeon. He has also been at Johns Hopkins University Hospital as an LDLT consultant. He is an executive director of an international health care center and a professor at the department of surgery, Seoul National University, Korea. He performed the first successful hepatocyte transplantation in Korea when he was at Samsung Medical Center. His research topics are hepatocyte transplantation, gene delivery, cancer stem cell, the best immunosuppressant for HCC, bile duct ischemia induced by warm ischemia, polymorphism, and so on. He developed several innovative techniques to reduce biliary complications after liver transplantation, such as high hilar dissection (HHD) and Tailored Telescopic Reconstruction (TTR) of the bile duct. He also played an important role in changing the deceased donor allocation system in Korea (split liver transplantation regulation and Deceased donor allocation system based on MELD) by publishing several important papers analyzing the Korean database. He performed the first living donor liver transplantation for pure foreign patients in Korea while at National Cancer Center, Korea. And he has performed more than 80 cases of LDLT in Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Myanmar since 2013. 

Prof. Kwang-Woong Lee is an Honorary Doctor at Ilia State University, Georgia.