Dr. Levan Koiava

Innova Medical Center, Tbilisi Georgia

Dr. Levan Koiava is a qualified General Surgeon, Endoscopist, and Surgical Oncologist.

After graduation from Tbilisi State Medical University, Dr. Koiava continued his residency education in Kiyv at P.L. National Medical Academy (Ukraine). His clinical experience includes internships and clinical qualifications in “KlinikumKaufbeuren,” Germany; “Centre International de ChirurgieEndoscopique,” France; “Obesity Center of Kantonsspital,” St. Gallen, Switzerland; “Israel Hadassah Medical Center,” Jerusalem, Israel; “Grand Strand Regional Medical Center,” South Carolina, USA; “Tokyo National Cancer Center,” Japan, Tokyo; “Beilinson Hospital, Petach Tikva,” Tel Aviv, Israel; Academic Hospital “Ponderas,” Bucharest, Romania; Hygea Hospital of Athens, Greece; Seoul National University Hospital, Korea.